Opulence Table

Opulence Table Rentals

Ideal Wedding Cake Table, Candy Display Table, Birthday Cake Table & More.

Opulence Tables feature a beautifully lit gold base, change the color to match your event theme!

Opulence Estate tables provide ample room to seat guests on both sides, as well as both ends.

This table option also allows space for decorative centerpieces and place settings.

1 Opulence Table Seats up to 8 guests or combine two tables to create an opulence estate table seating up to 12 guests.




Featured LED Table for Special Events

Opulence Table Rentals

The Opulence LED Table is often used as a head table for weddings, a special occasion dinner table, a reception table for temporary events & more.

  • Includes LED Light – Colors can alternate or choose a steady color for the entire event.
    • LED Colors: White, Black, 5 types of blue, Red, Orange, Gold, Burnt Red, 2 types of Green, Pink, Purple. Adjustable brightness. Includes Remote Control.

Opulence Table

Seats up to 8 Guests

Width: 5.25 ft square table

Length: 5.25 ft square table

Height: 30 inches

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